Wappen Werleshausen
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Church parish register

The parish register of Werleshausen began in 1668.

List of old-established families in Werleshausen

name first recorded mention in parish register
Gerstenberg Konrad Gerstenberg, born 1612, died 1694. The family had many members, also today
Semmelrodt Christoph Semmelrodt,
Fahrenbach Johann Dietrich, born 1709
Raake Johannes Raake died 1699.
Shepherd Johannes Raake came from Unterstein about 1830
Otto Augustin Otto lived 1656 - 1738
Ebel Thomas Ebel died 1715
Ziegler Facius Ziegler lived after 1648
Kliebe Teacher Joh. Christoph Kliebe came 1754 from Hebenshausen
Schelper Carpenter Wolfgang Schelper came about 1750
Lamsbach Johann Daniel Lamsbach came at the end of 18th century
Krafft Rudi Krafft was the first shoemaker in 1729
Hofmann Shoemaker Johannes Hofmann came 1789 from Hundelshausen
Wilhelm Mason Johannes Wilhelm came 1780
Lotze Brothers Andreas and Konrad Lotze came from Birkenfelde
Brückmann Johann Georg Brückmann was an usher at Hanstein castle
His son Adam Justus married 1787 a wife from Werleshausen
Merker Christian Merker came about 1830
Ort Zacharias Ort came from Wahlhausen
Arold Louis Arold came from Rimbach


Pastor Richter has published 1930 an essay about history and old-established families in Werleshausen.
It includes more persons, their personal dates and their relationships.
If you want get this essay, please send an email to webmaster.

Access via Internet

Since March 2015 you can use the website www.archion.de. This website was published by EKG (Evangelical Church in Germany). A registration (with charges) is nessesary.

The following parish registers of Werleshausen were digitized:
1668 - 1979
1929 - 1759
1779 - 1803
1804 - 1832
1833 - 1907

Important German words

sun = Sohn
daughter = Tochter

father = Vater
mother   = Mutter

grandfather = Großvater
grandmother = Großmutter

birth = Geburt
born = geboren

baptism = Taufe

marriage  = Heirat

died = gestorben

parish register = Kirchenbuch