Wappen Werleshausen
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Information about Werleshausen

Werleshausen is a very old village. Formerly independent, Werleshausen now belongs to the city of Witzenhausen in the Werra-Meißner district, Federal State Hesse, Germany.

You will find Werleshausen in the circle of this map of Germany.

Werleshausen is located in the northern part of Hesse, in the middle of Germany on the Federal Highways B27 and B80, the German Railway's north-south main line and the river Werra. It is situated on the romantic holiday routes known as the "German Holiday Road" which runs from the Alps to the Baltic sea, and the "German fairy-tale route".

Werleshausen at Werra-river

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First recorded mention: 876 AD

Altitude above sea level: 140 m

Geographical position :
Longitude 9°55' east;
Latitude  51°19'37'' north

Inhabitants: about 500

Postal code / zip code:37214

Telephone code : +49 5542 (Witzenhausen)

Local Mayor:
Peter Rode
Bornhagener Str. 9

37214 Werleshausen

Town: Witzenhausen

District: Werra-Meißner

Federal state: Hesse