Wappen Werleshausen
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History of Werleshausen





 Werleshausen 1911

 Events in tabular form

Year Event Picture
7?? Possible establishment in 8th century
The settlement belongs to Thuringia master area (Germaramark).
~790 Introduction of Christian religion by Lullus, the later archbishop in Mainz.
Thus western parts of Thuringia come into sphere of influence of the diocese in Mainz
876 First documentary mention: King Ludwig the German, granted the village to the monastery in Fulda.  
1294 First mention of the Eichsfeld (Eychisfeld), to which Werleshausen belongs  
1299 Documentary mention: concerns tax payments  
1357 Affiliation to the Hanstein court until 1857;  
1364 A document, which mentions the property of Manor, dairy-farm and the mill in Werleshausen  
1415 Building of "Ludwigstein" castle by landgrave Ludwig I. of Hessen
with the aim to protect trade routes from attack by knights from Hanstein castle 
1540 The Knights of Hanstein convert to the Protestant religion;
In Werleshausen alternating Catholic and Protestant services
1618 -1648: After thirty year's war  Werleshausen becomes (with Neuseesen and Lindewerra) Protestant finally  
1799 Establishment of the old school on the church area  
1803 The Eichsfeld and thus Werleshausen annexed to the Kingdom of Prussia  
1803 -1806 new building of church  
1807 Under Napoleon affiliation of Eichsfeld to the Kingdom of Westphalia  
1815 Definition on Vienna congress: annexation of Werleshausen and Eichsfeld to the Kingdom of Prussia (province Saxony), administrative district of Erfurt  
1831 Transfer cemetery from church area to the current location  
1870 - 1875 building of  railway line Göttingen - Bebra through area of Werleshausen Railway bridge
1880 Built first bridge across Werra river in Werleshausen  
1901 First railway stop in Werleshausen  
1911 Establishment of "Heiligenstadt savings bank" branch  
1917 The village gets electricity  
1926 At the beginning of January a big flood on Werra river Flood
1945 Destruction of Werra-bridge by retreating German troops Breakup
1945 April, 8: Conquest and occupation by American troops  
1945 After Yalta treaty, Russian troops occupy Thuringia completely.
Werleshausen occupied on 6th of July
1945 September,17 agreement of Wanfried - September, 18 Russian troops leave Werleshausen. Because the Railway's north-south main line was traded for Werleshausen to become part of the American sector, Werleshausen was added to the district of Witzenhausen in Hesse  
1945 -1949 reconstruction of railway bridge Repair
1952 Building of pioneer bridge over Werra river till 1965  
1954 Building of a water pipeline  
1958 New village school was built  
1963 -1965 building of the B27-Werrabridge B27-bridge
1966 Built a new pedestrian bridge over Werra river  
1972 In the context of the regional reorganization Werleshausen and other independent villages become parts of Witzenhausen  
1974 The congregation of Werleshausen becomes a "legal" part of the regional Lutheran church of Kurhessen-Waldeck  
1978 May, 2: Closing of Werleshausen train station   
1981 Beginning of redevelopment-program of village  
1985 February, 12/13: Fire destroys children's home Fire
1989 - 1990 opening of border to GDR (East-Germany);  people can once again travel to Hanstein castle and to Lindewerra village   

Development of inhabitants

year 1648 1834 1852 1860 1875 1905 1925 1939 1950 1961 1970 1975 2005
inhabitants 512 485 461 478 383 198 182 360 643 509 551 495 503

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